Johnston’s has very strict rules & standards for BC Producers around animal care and handling, right from the farm, to transportation, to the plant. The BC Producers and also our animal handling folks at the plant are required to be certified livestock handlers, which is obtained through a course in animal handling. In addition, they are also required to have a CLT ticket (Certified Livestock Transport). These certifications are provided through the BCFACC and the National FACC. All of the BC producers that ship to Johnston’s are required to be CQA certified (Canadian Quality Assurance).

Johnston’s takes humane care very seriously. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it makes for high quality pork. It would do no one (including the animals) any good if humane care and handling was not a top priority and therefore humane practices are a priority right through the entire process, from birth to processing. In addition, not only do we work closely with our own vets, we are a fully Government inspected plant.

Humane handling practices and animal welfare are extremely important in the production of high quality pork. Fear and stress produces inferior pork, which includes being tough, watery, bland tasting with limited shelf life. Johnston’s practices of proper animal handling produces our high quality pork, which provides for tasty, tender, and beautifully colored pork.